Best of the Week 4.20.14

Apparently, Coach Sutton did not appreciate being named the 2nd best “tweeter” in triathlon as per my Slowtwitch essay last week.

Our friend at Wattie Ink then weighed in with some thoughtful commentary…


I had some fun with celebrity vegan blogger Rich Roll.

Dark Mark earned a lot of new followers including Lance Armstrong. He also signed a lucrative deal joining Team TRS, and he wrote his first blog post.


The Macca parody account must have been quite energized by my Slowtwitch endorsement, because its posting went from infrequent to regular in a hot minute. @TheRealMaccaNow is definitely here to win
; )

All these pros complaining about prize money should look into apearance fees. $5,000 for a DNF aint bad ; )

— Chris Mccormack (@TheRealMaccaNow)

April 18, 2014 b4 More fun with the Doc… b5 LA spotted #RockingTheCock in Austin.

Helle Frederiksen enjoying her #WhiteMilk.


Finally, we had some fun with Josh Cox and Universal Sports.


I guess no one really watches Game of Thrones.

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